Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Early Fall

The Girls and their new uniforms...

Having Raquel and Sara over one day after school to play

Trip to San Sebastian (4.5 hour drive North) and the French Basque country

Carousel with a spinner built on it...Brilliant!

The Girls loved playing in the Ocean in France with all the surfers in their wetsuits!

Skyping with Shoo on a Saturday afternoon (morning for her).

Some of Tallulah's favorite things...
Drinking out of the bidet,

Locking herself in the shower...
...and getting rescued.
Look Mom! No hands!

She, and all the girls, love the new playhouse in the back yard.

Fireworks from our upstairs porch (seems like this happens once a month at about 1:30am)

Young Life Madrid Staff and family
WyldLife Kickoff movie night at our house
Leadership dinner (Katie and I were the only ones at the table that did not speak Spanish--it was a long fun night!)
We were sad to see Anna (Intern from Atlanta) return to the States this summer but excited to see what is next for her.


lyndsay said...

oh i have enjoyed these several times already today! such beautiful girls. such beautiful pictures!! miss you guys terribly!!!

Will Whitmire said...

Fun pics! Wish I could've joined y'all in the basque country! Talk to you soon.

b wingfield said...

great fun colorful pics! i love the one of the 4 girls on the stairsteps. we can't WAIT to see you all in february!!! we need to start planning!

shoo said...

Love the pictures--can even see tiny toes!!! Keep 'em coming!!