Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alice's 9th Birthday Weekend

Alice had such a fun birhtday. The party lasted all weekend long ... starting birhtday morning with a big pancake breakfast and presents, a big birthday lunch with more presents, had a Saturday birthday lunch in the city, and then a party/slumber party on Saturday night. What a blast! And the weekend ended with a fun Halloween festival at ASM.

Modeling some of her new clothes...

Ready for some knitting!
Saturday birthday lunch at Fosters of Hollywood
Saturday night party with the Watts...
Pumpkin Carving

Bobbing for Apples

Warming up afterwards

Sunday's Halloween festival at ASM (American School of Madrid)
Chase and Kate Sanders working the hot dog booth...

Super T

Waiting in line for the haunted house...Bad idea, we only lasted around the first corner inside and then had to leave...too scary


b wingfield said...

ok. i love this post! i love lulah's superman costume and ALICE-- I love your cool boots!
happy happy birthday from the wingfields! teddy and wilder miss you all like crazy (not to mention their parents!)

martha said...

oh WOW ! What a fun weekend. I love Alice realizing with squeals that she is going to get her ears pierced and then, Mae Mae, so overcome with emotion, "faints".hahahaha ( :
great bobbing; great jack o lanterns; great piercing video..muy bien! I bet everybody slept good Sunday nite !

love to all,

shoo said...

Oh how I love those costumes--somehow SuperWoman seems to be the perfect costume for Miss T!! Great post!!!

Will Whitmire said...

The jack o lanterns were awesome! I love the boots Alice. I wear mine to work all the time. Yours are way cooler than mine though. I'll have to find some spanish ones next time I'm in Madrid. Hope everyone is well!

lyndsay said...

LOVE IT ALL!!! alice may be ready to knit, but tallulah is apparently terrified of yarn. i cannot BELIEVE how old little allie brooks is. sheesh!