Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tallullah Walking and Playing

When she's not pitching fits she's really quite fun...

Tallulah's Fit Montage

Here is Tallulah's daily ritual of throwing fits. In fact, all of these videos were taken within a few hours of each other! Enjoy, or cringe with us...


Summer has been really fun and eventful! We have had 19 guests in our new home since we moved here in April. It has been such a blessing for us to have people in our home to encourage us and to help us adjust here in Madrid. Who is next??? The day after our last guests left, we headed to the beach for a week as a family which was a wonderful time of relaxation! Now we are looking forward to coming home for a short trip in August to be a part of Emily's (Katie's little sister) wedding.

Our pool over looking the Mediterranean Sea

The Beach at Calpe and Moriara

The Rocky beach below our condo (notice the rock castle).

Rickshaw in Valencia--It sure looked like it would be more fun than work...

Family Trip to the Madrid Zoo