Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some of Tallulah's "skills"!

These videos are actually about a month old, but, we decided to put them here since she still is at about the same stage. Looks like she will be walking soon...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Fun

Face Painting from the girl's school festival

Tallulah thinks they look funny!

Pool Pics

Castle at Manzanares de Real

El Escorial--Monastery outside of Madrid.

Lake in the Mountains. Finally found a good swimming hole--although an hour drive...

In front of Cervantes home (in Alcala de Heneres) with Don Quiote and Sancho Panza 

Chin Chon
Real Live Mule Train!

Valley of the Fallen--Huge underground Basilica built by Franco.
While we were there they were having mass and the Boy's Choir of Spain was singing..It was beautiful!

Liza singing in her best Spanish at the end of the year performance.

WyldLife Trip to Gredos!

This was our first Young Life kid camp since we arrived in Madrid. The whole family got to go and it was a lot of fun. Chase spoke on the weekend which was an honor and privilege. The place where we stayed was up in the mountains. It was beautiful--a perfect place to play Sardines at midnight!

Having fun at club!

...please let go of me, I am miserable! (our kids love going to Wyldlife and being around all the middle schoolers--thankfully the middle school kids seem to like them too! (Thanks Megan!))

Andy and Sandy ACSDOT Safety Patrol!

Jack and James--my two campaigner boys on Wednesdays...

Horseback riding was beautiful

Food was Great!

Mama Alice rocking Tallulah to sleep in the swing...