Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alice's 9th Birthday Video...

Alice Opening her "BIG" gift!
Ear #1
Ear #2


shoo said...

Alice, you did great!! Maisie and Liza, I LOVE the looks on your faces when she opens her gift--and MaeMae's faint is priceless! Looks like a great birthday weekend with a fun Halloween party! Wish I could open the door to my 4 trick-or-treaters!

Will Whitmire said...

Ouch! Alice, you didn't even flinch! How fun to get to watch the videos! I can't wait to see the newly adorned orejas!

lyndsay said...

oh alice...AMAZING! how exciting!!! i blame it on my "current state", but i will say there are tears streaming down my face. i know. call me a crazy pregnant woman. i just can't believe how old [and brave!] you are!!