Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trip to the Big City!

We declared yesterday a Sabbath! It was the first day we decided that we would rest, focus just on having fun as a family and not worry about getting any "thing" done. We decided a trip to Old Madrid would be just what we needed...
The heart of Madrid is only 6 miles from where we are living in Pozuelo but we spent over 2 hours in the car there and back. I don't think I will try to drive in town on a weekday again! It will be the train for us from now on! All that said, we had a wonderful time exploring, resting, and having fun as a family.

Churros and Chocolate!

Plaza Mayor

Royal Palace Photos


Will Whitmire said...

Two hours to go six miles?!! Gotta love cities. I don't remember it being that difficult for us when we went with Scott. Maybe we were coming from a different direction at a different time of day. It looks like it was a beautiful day. I hope it was a refreshing day. Great pictures!

Nell Agee said...

So glad to hear from you..don't know how you have time to write with all you have going on.
Hudson spent last night with me and he loved looking at the cousins.
Love to all

Unknown said...

Hi Guys!
Hope you are doing well! I CAN NOT believe that you guys are in SPAIN!! That is way cool! Alice and Mae mae: I am sorry that I haven't checked my e-mail - hope to soon.
Mae Mae: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
I LOVE you all so much and can't wait to see - it's only about three months! Tell Talulah that she is growing too fast and that when I come to visit, she should still be a small baby!!! I am praying for you and can't wait to he about your amazing adventure that He is taking you on!... I am on one as well and I am loving it!
I hope you have a wonderful day and remember that you may hate the adventure right now but the rough part will soon be over!
Lots of love,

Unknown said...

cute pics! we love you and miss you!

Unknown said...

These are awesome pictures!! I can't wait to be there too!!!

MiChal said...

What a beautiful city! What wonderful adventures you'll have!