Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Girls started school this week at San Jose Obrero which is a small Spanish public school in Pozuelo. God in His miraculous ways, allowed them to love it! They have no idea what the kids are saying but they are having a wonderful time. We drop them off at school at 9am and they come home for lunch from 12:30 till 2:30 and then return for the last hour and a half and come home at 4pm. It has been so fun to have the girls at home for our big family Spanish meal in the middle of the day. Thank you Lord for your mercy and grace upon our family!

(In this picture you can see the school building in the background--this was as close as they would let me get!)

In Front of the Opera House in Madrid

Plaza de Espana in Madrid

Casa De Campo ( the Kings old hunting grounds--Favorite Sunday Picnic Spot!)
Part of the Basball team at the American School


Will Whitmire said...

I'm glad the girls are having a good time at school. I have been praying that the transition is a smooth one for them! I love seeing all of the pictures. A glove is on its way...almost.

lyndsay said...

all praise to Him who reigns on high!! i pray the girls continue to love their classes and that they pick up the language quicker than we can say "te gustan las hamburguesas?" (that's one of the only spanish phrases i remember...)

william said...

quizas los estudiantes son amigos de ustedes

The Langfords said...

I have been clicking on this same blog entry for two weeks just to see everyone's faces again :-) I love these pics. We love these people! We can't wait to see you in a couple of months and are so thankful for all our great God has done thus far.

Sandy said...

The girls look so cute (and grown up) I am so happy that they like school. I really love their schedule - I would love a little siesta after lunch!!!!