Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Playgrounds Without Lawsuits

Boy playgrounds sure are more fun without lawsuits--no offense to you lawyers out there! However, at the bottom there is a sign with the phone number to the local ambulance!




Will Whitmire said...

Holy Cow! I wanna play. Fun pictures! Keep 'em coming.

-Heather- said...

oh my gosh..... the girls are getting so big!! i wanna play!!!!!!!!

beth wingfield said...

looks like tons of fun! teddy loved the bidio of the climbing mae maes.

gayle said...

I can't believe you let those precious little fragile girls climb all the way to the top of that monster steel structure!!! (do i sound like your mom????)

tee hee!!!!

Looks like a lot of fun! Happy house hunting...

Joan says, "Bah!!! Looks like fun!"

Wish we were there and you were here doing this WORK!!!!
gayle and joan

Sandy said...

It is so wonderful to see the girls having so much fun!!! It kind of makes Sandy Springs Park look a little boring.

Eleanor said...

Hola!!!! Way cool!! Liza you have a great accent!

lindsay.younglife said...

this is my favorite! how fun - and i love that they are shouting "hola hola hola"