Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Madrid Update...

Quick update on our journey to Madrid:

We received Tallulah’s birth certificate from the State, and we sent off for her passport today! YEAH! We feel like things are moving along. Praise God! We should receive her passport in the next couple of weeks. Then we are on to New Orleans to meet with the Spanish Consulate and apply for our Visas. The Visa application process is supposed to take 3 to 6 months. Please pray with us for the 3 month range!

Financially we are getting ever closer to our annual goal of $125,000. We are still lacking about $1500 a month in support. At this rate we need 60 families to give just $25 a month, or 30 families to give $50 a month. If you have not yet given that would be a great way to join us. For those who like a visual, here is what the Graph looks like…

Wow! We are so close!

Additionally, we are in need of start up cost. This includes things like moving our house (about $20,000), a vehicle for our family and ministry there (about $35,000 USD), language school, advanced trip in November to look at housing and schools for the girls ($6,000), driving school and licenses ($600), deposit on an apartment of 6 months rent and the agent fee (Roughly $18,000). Along with some other small miscellaneous items, the figure comes to $80,000. My goal has been to raise the annual budget first and then focus on the start up costs. To date we have raised $35,000 towards these costs, so we have a bit further to go here. If you would be interested in helping with these one time expenses please let us know!

Thanks for your continued support of our family. We are grateful,

Chase, Katie, and the girls

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beth wingfield said...

Gorgeous family photo! We love y'all!
Beth & Joseph