Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tallulah June Whitmire 6-27-08

Wow! Katie did it again! What a champion! God was very gracious in giving her a smooth--although not without a lot of hard work--delivery of little Tallulah June. Here are some of the details:
Born June 27th at 6:01pm
7lbs 12oz
19.5 inches long
Thank you Jesus!


Keri said...

Congratulations, you guys! I just stumbled on your blog from another from another... anyway. Congrats on another gorgeous little girl. :)

Sandy said...

Tallulah June looks just like her beautiful sisters!!! We can't wait to meet her and maybe bring the big girls back to Maryville for a little sleepover. Talk to ya soon!
Sandy, Amy, Matt, Julie & Kyle

lyndsayslaten said...

i've loved getting to see you guys. can't wait for this weekend!! :)

(notice new blog address...)

Elizabeth Murphy Collins said...

Katie!It's Elizabeth Murphy from Baylor!
I totally stumbled across your blog in the most Round-about way!
ALL 4 of your girls are beautiful!

How are you..well..why ask...I'm guessing you are in Baby fog right now!

I have 2 little girls myself and thought I had a handful!
Please send me your email!