Thursday, April 15, 2010


The beginning of May I had the incredible honor and privilege of traveling with my pastor and his father to Tangiers, Morrocco. We went to deliver money raised by our church and to encourage our brothers and sisters in Jesus in the work they are doing there of loving their Muslim neighbors. Little did we know when we arrived, that Morocco-- only an hour flight from Madrid-- was in the middle of deporting Christians and closing down orphanages. Here is a link to a Time article on the events that occured,8599,1973739,00.html?xid=rss-topstories-pola. We were in the midst of all of the action, so to speak, and were on holy ground as folks were being persecuted for their fatih. I really felt like we had stepped back several hundred years into this Muslim State. It gave me a sense of what it must have been like in New Testament times when Christians were essentially in hiding, scared for their lives and safety. It was an experiece I will treasure, and it has moved me more into a mindset of prayer and petition for those working in these places.

Clyde and Naomi
American couple who have been living in Morocco for over 20 years loving and supporting Moroccan Christians

Me, Richard, and Ian in our bedroom

The Pheonician Tombs overlooking the Gibralter Straights

Spain in the background

The Markets were quite an experience

The Couscous was amazing!

The House where we stayed--beautiful tile work...

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shoo said...

Didn't realize you could see Spain from there! So glad you're home from that trip!