Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Rest of May

Last week we got to go as a family to Brussels on a Young Life Regional retreat. It was really wonderful being with folks from all over Western Europe (Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal). We got to stay in a 17th Century Chateau in the Belgium country side which was a ton of fun! It was nice to be in the "green" again after the arid climate of Madrid.

The View out our window
A View of the Room we stayed in...

The Remnants of some really neat castle on the property--Alice found the Key on top of the mantel that allowed us to go all the way to the top!

Inside the Tower

Inscription on the mantel

View from the road of our Chateau

View from the backyard

The Back Yard--the girls were really excited after playing in our tiny back yard!

Family photo in Brussels

Chase's glamor shot with Jonathan Banegas--the Area Director in Catalunya

Tallulah asleep on the van to the airport--supported by Chase's hand.

Our Community Pool opened this weekend! Tallulah's first trip...

A couple of Pool Videos!

Tallulah Photos... Thanks for the outfit Memmy!
Check out the shoes.

Tallulah and marble stairs...Bad Combination!

...Butt, if she were to fall, she does have some good padding...

Liza's Spanish

Picture from small group today...
WyldLife Event Saturday night


Will Whitmire said...

Cool tower! It's crazy how old things are over there. I wish I could join y'all for a swim.

lyndsay said...

GAH i'm so jealous! way to go alice for finding the key!!

beth wingfield said...

amazing pics! i love t's little chubby bottom and her sleeping in the car with chase propping her up. the girls in the pool look like their having tons of fun! we miss you all like crazy!

Anonymous said...

everything looks so awesome!!! we are so excited and desperately want to come on adventures in madrid with you! those girls are getting big! and fast!

Sandy said...

I am going to start calling Tallulah - Challulah (because she looks so much like her Daddy) :)